"Thank you for organising our holiday (to China).

We had a great time.

All of the guides were on time, very well informed and easy people to be with.

We have seen so many things and eaten in local places where we would never have gone by ourselves.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and if you would like more details of our adventures or a statement of recommendation let us know."

Nicola, Michael and Family

"Arrived home safe and well and had a wonderful holiday in Nepal and Bhutan"

Michael and Eileen

"Just wanted to thank you for booking our holiday to Koh Lanta.

Everything was perfect and I can thoroughly recommend the Layana Resort and the island of Koh Lanta to any one who wants a laid back, peaceful, non commercialised holiday."

Jane and Andy

"I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had in the Philippines and Borneo.

Everything went without a problem. Great time, great pics, etc.

Thanks for all of your help with this trip"



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Laos Tours


UNESCO has designated the entire city of Luang Prabang as a World Heritage site, ensuring its preservation and protection for future generations of visitors.

Many people are surprised that Vientiane is in fact a capital city as it exudes a relaxed atmosphere and small town charm. An eclectic mix of colonial-French buildings and ancient temples along with colourful markets characterises Laos’ capital.

The province of Champassak is home to one of Asia's great, but least visited temples, Wat Phu.

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Laos scenery

Highlights of Laos - 6 Days

A fuller experience of Laos and it's varied sites and people.

This Laos Tour allows time in the popular destinations of Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

Also included is the addition of an overnight in Kamu lodge and visit to the Kamu ethnic minority group.

Visit Laos's inticately decorated temples, learn the secrets of Laos cuisine and spend time with the locals.

Laos scenery

Green Tour of Laos - 6 Days

This 5 night Green Tour of Laos is designed for you to make the most of the six day stay within the Laotian and spiritual capitals.

Visit the unsung treasures of Vientiane and immerse yourself in the sleepy culture and spectacular scenery of this unique capital city.

Discover Luang Prabang by electric bike, meet enigmatic ethnic groups and trek to the Kuang Si Waterfalls where turquoise blue pools and spectacular views will be revealed.

Vientiaine Laos

Laos in Style - 6 Days

Unearth two hidden gems within Laos while you stay in some of the finest hotels in Indochina and dine at the best riverside restaurants with our Lao Style tour.

Discover the cultural beauty of Luang Prabang with a visit to the National Museum. Attempt to make your own Laotian souvenir with silk weaving before trying your hand at the always delicious Lao cuisine.

As the Laos tour continues to the capital Vientiane, witness the many Buddha shrines and temples before heading off to lunch in a French inspired bistro and a riverside Lao diner.

Laos monks

Overland Laos - 7 Days

With our Overland Laos tour, you will have a road trip through Laos' sights and sounds that cannot be experienced by other means.

Start off in Luang Prabang, where glittering temples and colonial buildings stand peacefully side by side. Then, head off to Van Vieng and the town's limestone caves and caverns.

Conclude the trip with a visit to the capital Vientiane, where you can experience the heritage of the city with visits to historical sites and taste the local food.

Laos temple courtyard

Best of Laos - 8 Days

Follow the natural contours of Laos from north to south with this extensive eight-day tour. From the northern hills and gleaming temples of Luang Prabang, visitors can explore the diverse local cultures and dramatic landscapes that have shaped this mesmerizing country.

Moving south, guests can savour the charming capital Vientiane, with its exquisite Buddhist temples and ornate architecture, before continuing further down the Mekong River to the southern towns of Pakse and Champasak. The tour ends at the incredible 'Sipandon', where the Mekong fans out to create a land of 4,000 islands.

Laos scenery

Into the Wild - 8 Days

Laos has retained at peaceful serenity and charm that has become diluted in other areas of Asia. Here it is possible to see cultures and traditions that have remained unchanged.

Its landscape is simply stunning with little intrusion from infrastructure or modern developments. This tour of Laos unveils the best of its natural environment and educates about a local way of life through interaction with its people.

South Laos

Laos from South to North - 8 Days

Southern and northern Laos are different in style, but the two parts of the country have much in common. Both are visually spectacular parts of the world and the mighty Mekong River dominates both geographically. This journey encompasses highlights such as Si Phan Don (4000 islands) and the royal capital of Luang Prabang.

Laos scenery

Richness & Splendours of Laos - 10 Days

Come and join Exotravel as you journey through a land of cultural traditions, beautiful natural environment, and imposing historical relics in our Richness & Splendors of Laos tour.

Beginning in Luang Prabang, you will witness centuries old temples with visits to Kuang Si Waterfall and local villages in the area. You will stop at limestone caves along the Mekong River before heading off to the capital city.

Visit the numerous traditional temples in the city before heading off to Pakse’s famous coffee plantations and the stunning 4000 Islands inlet.

Laos river scene

Bangkok to Laos, North to South - 10 Days

Begin your journey in Bangkok, Thailand's vibrant and immensely cultural capital. From here you head north to uncover historical cities and learn of the Kingdom's intriguing past. Travel by boat along the Chao Phraya and visit historical temples.

Crossing into Laos, you will explore historical UNESCO World Heritage Sites, charming old colonial cities and embark on a 3 night cruise in this adventurous and educational tour of Southeast Asia.

Cambodia historic site

Colourful Capitals - 12 Days

Introducing you to the history and rich culture of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia this Colourful Capitals regional tour is designed to give a taste of the region from an insider's point of view


Along the Mekong - Southern Laos to Siem Reap - 12 Days

Following the Mekong through the southern islands of Laos into the countryside of Cambodia, this 12 day tour offers intrepid travelers a chance to experience unspoiled nature and local cultures.

Laos in depth

Laos in Depth - 13 Days

In our Laos In Depth package, you will have an in depth experience of the country by meeting the friendly people, visiting various historical sites, and immersing yourself with the natural surroundings of the country.

In this Lao tour, you will flow down the Mekong and witness village life before a visit to Luang Prabang and the city's temples, markets, and waterfalls. Explore limestone caves and Buddha statues in Vientiane and relax by the tranquil waterfalls at Boloven Plateau.

Hoi Ann, Vietnam

Southeast Asia Discovery - 18 Days

With our Southeast Asia Discovery Tour, you will uncover the wonders of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia and learn about these fascinating countries with a memorable and enlightening journey.

Marvel at the varied landscape and significant historical sites unique to each country while also participating in their cultural traditions before heading home with a wealth of knowledge and unforgettable memories of the region.

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