"Thank you for organising our holiday (to China).

We had a great time.

All of the guides were on time, very well informed and easy people to be with.

We have seen so many things and eaten in local places where we would never have gone by ourselves.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and if you would like more details of our adventures or a statement of recommendation let us know."

Nicola, Michael and Family

"Arrived home safe and well and had a wonderful holiday in Nepal and Bhutan"

Michael and Eileen

"Just wanted to thank you for booking our holiday to Koh Lanta.

Everything was perfect and I can thoroughly recommend the Layana Resort and the island of Koh Lanta to any one who wants a laid back, peaceful, non commercialised holiday."

Jane and Andy

"I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had in the Philippines and Borneo.

Everything went without a problem. Great time, great pics, etc.

Thanks for all of your help with this trip"



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Lucy from Philippine Trails in Thailand
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"Most visits to Thailand start in Bangkok, the international gateway, situated roughly in the centre of the country, on a delta plain close to where the country's main river flows into the Gulf of Thailand.

There is enough to see and do in Bangkok to fill one holiday, but if time permits, you may wish to venture north to Chiang Mai, a centre for traditional crafts, as well as being a popular base for jungle trekking.

Chiang Rai, further north still, is the ancient capital and gateway to the golden triangle, a fascinating region bordering Laos and Myanmar (also known as Burma).

For those seeking sun, sand and sparkling seas, head to one of Thailand's beautiful beach resorts."

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Thailand history and beauty

Northern Thailand - Natural Beauty and History - 5 Days

Discover the fascinating history and culture of northern Thailand with this five-day journey. Explore the mountains of Chiang Rai by ATV, visit traditional hilltribe villages and learn about the legendary giant catfish that inhabit the Mekong River. Then explore the natural wonders of Nan, with its stunning hills, jungles and waterfalls, before moving on into the provinces of Phitsanulok and Sukhothai, which are the cradles of much of the region's Buddhist culture.

Trekking northern tribe

Trekking Home of The Karen Hilltribe Trek - 5 Days

The northern Thai province of Chiang Mai is home to many unique and diverse ethnic groups. One of the largest communities residing in this mountainous region is the Karen, and this five-day adventure allows guests to delve deep into this colourful culture.

Trek through jungle-clad hills to off-the-beaten-track Karen villages, where guests will be able to learn traditional crafts, agricultural techniques and stay in the welcoming homes of the local Karen people.

Wat Arun, Bangkok

Ancient Capitals - 6 Days

With our Ancient Capitals tour , you will travel through the past and present with all of Thailand’s capitals.

Start this Thailand tour with the modern city of Bangkok where you will see grand temples and monks on alms walks set against a modern cityscape.

Travel to Ayutthaya and all of its historical ruins then, head up north into Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where distinct culture and architecture awaits you.


Exploring the Thai Peninsula - 7 Days

Your guide will enlighten you about the beautiful south and take you to exotic locations normally overlooked by most tourists with Exploring the Thai Peninsula tour. Discover the unique southern culture, venture your way through mountains and jungles, and bask yourself in any of the world-class beaches in this Thailand tour.

Old Siam

Discover Old Siam - 7 Days

With so much modernity on show, it can be difficult to get a taste of traditional Thailand in Bangkok. Rarely visited by tourists yet within easy striking range of the capital, Chachoengsao is great way to step back in time. Travelling by local train from the capital, guests will enter a world of ancient temples, Chinese shrines and buzzing canal-side markets.

The North Loop, Thailand

The North Loop - 7 Days

A comprehensive six night Thailand Tour visiting the highlights of the two main northern loops. From Chiang Rai set out to explore the mystical Golden Triangle area, spending time to really experience the local cultures.

Visit local community based tourism projects, relax and rejuvenate at the hot springs of Pong Duad and explore the jungle from the back of an elephant.

Head towards the charming town of Pai and onto Mae Hong Son to learn about indigenous hill tribes. The perfect choice for a in-depth look at this fascinating region.

Jungle to the Beach

Jungle to the Beach - 8 Days

Head out of Phnom Penh towards the coast where you will explore the spectacular scenery of Kirirom National Park. Then its on to Koh Kong to explore the Peam Krasaop Wildlife Sanctuary by kayak. A boat returns you to the main land, where your transfer to the Thai border at Hat Lek before continuing to Koh Chang Island.

Thailand Holiday - Isaan Insight

Isaan Insight - 9 Days

Giant in size and steeped in rich culture, Thailand's northeastern portion is one of the country's most underrated areas. The lack of traffic has its benefits, however, and the region is manna from heaven for those who like to get off the beaten track.

Kicking off in Bangkok, the epic journey ventures right into the very heart of Isaan taking in Khmer temples, Lao-influenced culture and glorious scenery along the way.

East Coast island Hopping

East Coast Boutique Island Hopping - 9 Days

Enjoy 9 days hopping between tropical islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Spend afternoons relaxing under the coconut trees and watching the sunset across the ocean. We cover 3 glorious islands in this novel boutique tour.

Hidden Treasures Of The Andaman

Hidden Treasures Of The Andaman - 9 Days

With Phuket, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi getting much of the tourist traffic, large stretches of Thailand's Andaman Sea coastline remain criminally neglected.

This journey takes guests north of Phuket towards the Myanmar border to investigate one such area.

On their way to a grand finale on gorgeous Koh Phayam, guests will interact with locals, meet nomadic seafarers, snorkel in crystalline waters and laze on some of the region

Family Adventure - Thailand

Southern Family Adventure - 9 Days

From wildlife spotting in ancient jungles to exploring a tiny island paradise your family will discover a different Thailand.

Southern Family Adventure is designed to bring everyone closer together through shared experiences. Together you will canoe down a river flanked by towering limestone karst in Khao Sok National Park.

Together you will spot dolphins in Taled Bay. Together you will unwind on idyllic Koh Tao. Together you will journey through the best of Southern Thailand.

Laos river scene

Bangkok to Laos, North to South - 10 Days

Begin your journey in Bangkok, Thailand's vibrant and immensely cultural capital. From here you head north to uncover historical cities and learn of the Kingdom's intriguing past. Travel by boat along the Chao Phraya and visit historical temples.

Crossing into Laos, you will explore historical UNESCO World Heritage Sites, charming old colonial cities and embark on a 3 night cruise in this adventurous and educational tour of Southeast Asia.

Thailand Family Experience

Thailand Family Experience - 10 Days

While some families prefer to make directly for the beaches of the south, taking a northerly tack can result in equal levels of enjoyment.

This 10-day journey begins in the buzzing capital of Bangkok, before a short flight to the northern capital Chiang Mai, ready to explore the unspoiled countryside and partake in a range of activities including bamboo rafting; elephant rides and hikes through ethnic communities.


Lavish Lifestyles Thailand - 10 Days

This opulent journey showcases the very best of Thailand. Kicking off in Bangkok, guests will cruise the Chao Phraya River and dine at top restaurants. The action proceeds to the country's beautiful north before concluding in Phuket where a luxury speedboat will whisk guests around stunning Phang Nga Bay.

Food Trails of Thailand

Food Trails of Thailand - 11 Days

Thailand has become famous around the world for its light, elegant and fiery cuisine. Now, guests can travel across the country to explore the many cultural and historical influences that have combined to shape the country's famous dishes.

From the bustling urban markets of Bangkok to rural restaurants in the north and northeast, this 11-day tour allows visitors to discover the ancient art of Thai food, from sourcing the ingredients to cooking your own authentic dishes.

Golf in Thailand

Golf Tour Around Thailand - 12 Days

If you love to golf in world-class courses, accommodate yourself economically in luxury hotels, and experience new cultures and lifestyles, then our Golf Tour Around Thailand package is the ideal program for you!

Your destinations include metro Bangkok, mountainous Chiang Mai and the beach resort of Hua Hin where you can immerse yourself into the charisma of each city and play on diverse courses in this Thailand tour.

Essential Thailand

Essential Thailand - 12 Days

For first time visitors, our Essential Thailand tour is the ultimate itinerary for discovering the diverse culture and scenery of the country.

Visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, this 12 day tour program is full of in-depth excursions to the main sites of Thailand as well as unique, often hidden, locations.


Along The Mekong - Southern Laos to Siem Reap - 12 Days

Following the Mekong through the southern islands of Laos into the countryside of Cambodia, this 12 day program offers intrepid travelers a chance to experience unspoiled natural environs and delve into local cultures. Including several visits to charity-run programs and soft adventure activities, our Along the Mekong Laos Cambodia tour is a unique and authentic journey.

Cambodia historic site

Colourful Capitals - 12 Days

Introducing you to the history and rich culture of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia our Colorful Capitals regional tour is designed to give a taste of the region from an insider point of view.

Join in a traditional baci ceremony in Laos, explore remote jungle-covered temples in Cambodia and hop on a local taxi boat to zip through hidden canals in Bangkok on this Thailand Laos Cambodia tour.

Varieties of Thailand

Varieties of Thailand - 12 Days

Travel in opulent luxury through a less explored rural region of Thailand that hides untouched cultures and a relaxing, undisturbed pace of life.

Stay in the country's most refined hotels and sample local delicacies while travelling north out of Bangkok, through Khao Yai and Isaan, Loei and into Chiang Mai. His tour would suit those wanting to experience the rural areas of Thailand in comfort and style.

Join in a traditional baci ceremony in Laos, explore remote jungle-covered temples in Cambodia and hop on a local taxi boat to zip through hidden canals in Bangkok on this Thailand Laos Cambodia tour.

Luxurious Thailand

Luxurious Thailand - 14 Days Luxury

With our Luxurious Thailand tour, you will discover the best of Thailand on this extravagant journey through one of Asia's ancient kingdoms. You will stay in some of the finest hotels in the world as you explore the varied country with a river cruise from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, dinner with a local family in Chiang Mai, and blissful relaxation down south on a beach in Phuket Island.

Join in a traditional baci ceremony in Laos, explore remote jungle-covered temples in Cambodia and hop on a local taxi boat to zip through hidden canals in Bangkok on this Thailand Laos Cambodia tour.

Perfect Thai honeymoon

Perfect Thai Honeymoon - 14 Days Luxury

Our two week Perfect Thai Honeymoon getaway offers you and your loved one a great itinerary for that magical time you two will never forget.

Leave the real world behind in our extravagant river and beachside hotels and visit marvelous temple sites with one being the spiritual home of Thai massage.

Dine in our candlelit Thai restaurants. Ride elephants through lush jungles and bask on a bamboo raft downriver before heading south to Phuket where a tropical island paradise awaits you.

Join in a traditional baci ceremony in Laos, explore remote jungle-covered temples in Cambodia and hop on a local taxi boat to zip through hidden canals in Bangkok on this Thailand Laos Cambodia tour.

Cambodia tour

The Golden Triangle & The Mekong River Luxury - 14 Days Luxury

In The Golden Triangle & The Mekong River Luxury Adventure tour, accommodate yourself in extravagant hotels before witnessing impressive temple structures.

You will traverse through the landscape and be treated to regional cuisines. Take some time to admire the charming culture while having your own elephant and rafts as your transports between destinations.

Angkor Wat

Crossing Cambodia in Style, Bangkok to Saigon - 15 Days Luxury

Let us guide you around this fascinating region where you will witness contemporary life blending into exquisite historical architecture in our Crossing Cambodia in Style's Bangkok to Saigon tour. You will be finely accommodated in three countries as you shop at local markets, marvel at glorious ancient architecture, and elegantly cruise along South East Asian rivers.

Saigon City Hall

Classic Crossing - Bangkok to Saigon - 15 Days

Turn words you have read from travel guides into actual experiences with a journey through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam with our Classic Crossing Cambodia: Bangkok to Saigon package. You will explore marvellous ancient temples and structures unique to each country and experience the energy of various cities while you traverse across the scenic landscape to your destinations.

Hoi Ann, Vietnam

Southeast Asia Discovery - 18 Days

With our Southeast Asia Discovery Tour, you will uncover the wonders of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia and learn about these fascinating countries with a memorable and enlightening journey.

Marvel at the varied landscape and significant historical sites unique to each country while also participating in their cultural traditions before heading home with a wealth of knowledge and unforgettable memories of the region.

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